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  1. I hear other players talking about tree walls how do you make one I tried but mine always has gaps one can weave though
  2. note I quoted the whole looks like a backside thing..
  3. and thats when it hit me i give you my redition
  4. am I just parnoid but after the turf update there seems to be a new background sound of groaning wood or something anyone else notice it?
  5. the second one is from adventure time he appered in the episode "no one can hear you" its a rather nightmare fuel episode
  6. werepig king seem most plausible for the site clues I think we may be dealing with clues about 2 creatures the site is for werepig king and the video with the dots (which I have not seen yet) another creature perhaps a deer biased monster keep in mind the dots dont lead to anything like the pig men and the sounds/ruined camp don't sound deer monster-like. deer are fast and very agile i doubt a deer-like creature aggressive or not would be that slow and heavy sounding. . personally the first thing I think of when I read deerclops are these beasties (what is it with cartoon network and creepy deer men?!)
  7. currently day 0 just died in a beefalo accident my record is 12 days I tend to get over confident and do something stupid..
  8. I like this my copy loves genarating very patchwork -like areas now I can tidy my maps
  9. I scarf down cooked berries (my main diet is carrots and cooked morsels)