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  1. Killing Stalkers

    ...How not?At current, you have typed-mission objectives that are cool thematically, but after you get 3 to unlock a path, they serve no purpose for their types.Have type-based cheats, and special mission objectives to unlock cheats, possibly for only those levels, disable leaderboards and progression with cheats on.If someone's going to cheat, giving them cheats isn't going to change anything.
  2. This should be standard in every game, but when I have to listen to Female Ninja while it pauses the game to show me irrelevant info, it's a bit annoying. I'd also like to be able to turn off her voice, but that's far less important than my gameplay not being interrupted. Not to mention, constantly being hit with cutscenes after restoring checkpoints.
  3. While high scores are largely moot (since there's no way to validate your own accomplishment as there's blocks of hundreds of player with the same score but different numbers), I feel confused by the game forcing me to do things for bonuses that are busy work. In active combat, hiding bodies is actually fun, as murdering someone right behind a guard and then dragging him into the dark so he wont get noticed, or throwing the body to cause terror, these are action oriented. But once everyone's dead, it's just busy work. Take 5 bodies and throw them all in the same dumpster and take them out again for points. Hiding guys in vents that turn out not to be vents, so you can't get points. And then, the Undetected bonus. While it's cool, in theory, it seems to award inconsistently, in attempting to get Ghost (not sure what the hidden requirements on this one were, could not get it on either of the first two levels), and in playing around with teleportation, I found that "Undetected" isn't always possible to get. The general assumption I've gotten is that you get it for being "right next to someone and undetected", but it's not granted always. Sometimes it's granted from being "almost detected", but again, inconsistently. Is there any reason why these two bonuses should not be automatically granted at the end of the level as conditions warrant? If a body was never discovered to produce an alarm, is it not sufficiently hidden? Once you're done with the mission, the assumption is that the bodies don't matter anymore, so what does it matter if it is in the vent (where someone is going to find it because it stinks) or in the trash (where someone is going to find it because it stinks)? For undetected bonus, if they never detected you... aren't you undetected? I get the notion, that you're being "risky", but since the bonus is not always granted, it can literally break a high score run because it just wont give you the points for it, and there's no indication of what guards have granted the bonus to know if you've "tagged them all" for your high score.
  4. I applaud this game. There's a lot it does right, it allows for a lot, and, unlike most titles in the last few years, I don't have many complaints about it. (I would love for a level editor to be created, and I think it would do wonders for replayability of this game, but I digress At current, the context-sensitive actions are kind of hamfisted in their application. Generally, yes, there's no real problem, but there are a few issues that lead to frustration: Assassinations not triggering and instead punchingMoving corpses and interacting with hiding places, corpses commonly take precedence over the hiding place.Wall vents and climbable ceilings, vents often prevent mounting the ceiling without jumping off the wall.Corpses and vents, corpses take precedense over the vent for movement.As for the Assassinations, I'm not sure how to handle that, that's a leeway consideration, but it's fairly annoying when it happens. The rest, though, shouldn't be too hard to handle. I propose that all "Corpse" actions should be handled by Down+<button>, corpses are below you so this shouldn't be in any way non-intuitive, and should never otherwise overlap with other contexts. The Vent and Ceiling thing, I believe it would be prudent for, in any such situation where multiple <pc space bar> context's overlap, to give precedence to the one that is directionally sensitive. In mounting walls, you have to press toward the wall to mount it, so if I'm literally clinging to a wall vent and am pressing up, the pressing up should give precedence to the wall mount over the vent. Currently, vent has priority, and if the vent had no priority, not pressing up would give me context for the vent.