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  1. Ohhhh so they kinda tease u with the trailer, because i couldn't figure out why i wanted to change the whole world to barren land Secrets u say eh, mmmyeah yeah, lets start up a new game!
  2. Yeah so im just gonna quote myself here, but i guess u can now take the land from one place to the other? Thought devs wanted people to camp less
  3. uh? Does someone know what it actually does except change the landscape? Totally confused!
  4. Doesnt mean u have to give ur goddamn opinion on everything.
  5. Dont u have anything else to do then comment on every post, my dear god, find another hobby
  6. U hear them coming from miles away. Make sure u have a football helmet and logsuit near u at all times. Either in ur backpack, or in a chest near your camp.When the barking starts u have about 25 seconds but when the barking stops u have about 1,5 second, and u can see them coming towards u from the edges off ur screen, just whack the first couple asap. Hounds will collect the monstermeat first then go after u, so stand close to the killzone and kill them untill more then 2 are actually focused on you. If there are more then 2 start running untill u have max 2 on u (they start barking and u get some distance) whack -> repeat.
  7. Im not trying to say i got a badass base, just saying that there's not that much challenge anymore is all.
  8. Nah man, settled between tons of buffalo and bunny, Silk/spider farm near, have beehives, pigs to bit north, pig-king pretty close, and enough stone.. Was pretty much one big island with 2 little branches, so yeah could go and research all the the hats i havnt used and all that. But its more or less a routine u get into, and with wearing the football helmet and a logsuit when the hounds come i pretty much have that covered too. its kinda much game over, or making tons of same thing (my own pig village, or get last 3 beehives etc.)
  9. So i got this game couple days ago, and failed horribly first tries But after a couple of times u get the hang of it and after finding a good location, and making the meet effigy, the challenge is kinda gone. I guess after about 50 days. So i was thinking about starting over. The idea is on the new map generation, with someone else then Wilson. So to make it a bit tougher i thought about: - Not being allowed to build a tent. - Using first location and stay on that particular island (can explore, but no new bases, can be pretty hard if u have the wrong biomes) for X amount of days. I actually havnt tried the new maps yet, so maybe thats enough of a challenge allready? Let me know if u have any ideas.