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  1. Don't Starve with Barodas

    Part 12 - Birds! Birds Everywhere! http-~~-// Today we set up bird traps and continue to get our base in order.
  2. Don't Starve with Barodas

    Part 11 - I feel like I could have prevented that http-~~-// Today we explore the nearby island, and cause a huge forest fire.
  3. Don't Starve with Barodas

    Part 10 - Working with spiders to the detriment of dogs: http-~~-// The evil dogs attack again, but this time I'm a little more prepared.
  4. Don't Starve with Barodas

    Part 9 - Logs equal learning: http-~~-// We made it to three episodes without dying! Today we work on our research, feeding many trees into our science machine.
  5. Cant record with fraps ?

    This fixed the problem for me as well.
  6. Don't Starve with Barodas

    Part 8 - Rambling on: http-~~-// We finish exploring most of our island and begin setting up our base.
  7. Hey Guys, A friend gifted me Don't Starve and I've been loving it. I started recording my playthroughs from the beginning, and so far I have 3 deaths to my name. Death by Monster Meat (pretty embarassing in retrospect) Death by Tree Monster. Death by Dog. I only glance at the patch notes and have been playing almost 'blind', mostly just experimenting to find out how things work. I've started my fourth attempt now and hope to make it past the 6 day mark this time. Part 7 - Saying I won't die is just tempting fate: http-~~-// In previous attempts I spent more time collecting resources than actually building a shelter and researching. So this time we will focus on getting a base together and building some defenses. Heres the series playlist if you'd like to check out my previous attempts: This is one of my first attempts at a video playthrough series, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you enjoy.