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  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome game. I won't gush about how great it is because I'm sure it's been done a million times. I love the game, but I do have a few small suggestions. 1. I think rabbits should respawn in their holes a few days after they're caught. As far as I can tell once they're caught they're gone for good. It seems implausible that one person should be able to completely destroy an entire ecosystem. Furthermore, what's the point of keeping the holes around if the rabbits are gone? And all your traps end up dead weight. 2. Along similar lines, spider nests are gone forever when destroyed as far as I've noticed, and I feel like they should reappear, otherwise it becomes completely impossible to craft items that require silk (especially bird traps). 3. The long legged bird monsters that protect their eggs are easy to kill but difficulty targeting them makes for some cheap damage taken and even undeserved deaths. 4. On my game, currently I can only receive experience for playthroughs with Wilson. This seems like a bug. Is it intentional? 5. More options for animal domestication would be cool in the future. Breeding rabbits, perhaps? Butterfly farms? Problem with that is right now butterflies are pretty useless. 6. Unlocking characters is a bit tedious at the moment. By the time I've played enough to unlock them all I'll certainly be burned out. Making it a bit easier would help pacing and keep people playing longer rather than getting completely tired of the game. Just my opinion. Once again, I love the game. It's super awesome, like a Harvest Moon type of game with a focus on wilderness survival and splash Tim Burton paint. Very beautiful and fun. Thanks for making this game, the game I never knew I wanted!