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  1. Sadly I think you have to regen to get him at all. I don't think they would have pointed that out otherwise. Don't want to restart myself but I could really use him so I guess I'm kicking the bucket once I accumulate enough days to unlock all the characters up to WX.
  2. Maybe we'll be able to craft something with all that fuzzy rot. That or they'll combine if left in chests together and form a horrifying radioactive monstrosity and attack Wilson.
  3. I noticed tree chopping sounds different aswell. Also, I think I can hear some sort of jingle when Wilson walks around but that could just be me going insane.
  4. Woah. Looks like you were ready for the Don't Starve nuclear apocalypse. My condolences for the loss of your bomb shelter supplies.
  5. I'd really rather see the buff that staves off hunger from eating food when you're no longer hungry be gone. Would be better to see Wilson put on a few pounds and his running speed slowed down for being such a glutton.
  6. I'm guessing just slows it down.Circumventing spoilage altogether would be a lil too convenient.
  7. Or throw him into the science machine for maximum cruelty points.
  8. The main challenge of the game is not starving and right now it's pretty much easy enough not to.It was a major concern and food spoilage should be a good move towards improving the challenge in that area again. Careful management of your resources should always be an important part of a survival game so I think base items and stuff like Chester and other unique containers are appropriate additions.
  9. Are we sure thats not just one of the other new features added by the update like Chester or food spoilage rather than something character specific?
  10. Hopefully Chester doesn't develop a bad habit of eating gold nuggets and rare items.
  11. Immune to food spoilage but he probably doesn't get a lot of benefit from it like regular food, I imagine.
  12. Also, looks like this may have answered the mystery of the strange creature that was formed out with the connected dots. Looks like it was Chester and not a Deerclops.
  13. Looks like what we feared was a giant monster out to eat us alive is actually a small lovable companion. Twist!
  14. Who doesn't love robots? I foresee several play throughs as this guy.