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  1. Just went up, and took the time to read what they posted. I can see and understand what their saying. I still love this game with. or without Co-op. Haha lesson learned. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Hey all, let me start by saying i love this game! That being said i feel i would love this game even more if i could link up with one or two of my friends from steam. Now i understand its a survival game, and i get that. Its part of the reason i love this game. I just feel that it would be a fun experience watching a friend tragically get eaten alive by spiders, or burned to cinders in a forest fire. Haha, but in all seriousness i feel that the chance to play with friends does make a lot of sense. Working together to forage for items that are made scarce from the addition to your group mates, or taking down big monsters also made stronger by the addition of new members. It just seems like it would make the game-play more diverse with the addition of co-op game-play. So i was I'm posting this thread to see what other people think/feel about the concept of having co-op as a part of the game. Feel free to post your thoughts, and opinions. And remember, stay hungry my friends.