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  1. I think the characters already move at a good speed. If we needed to move faster the game should add mounts to ride. Also, how would you speed shoes work? What would they be crafted from? Would they wear out when equipped?

    Makes sense. In the past similar suggestions, including one of mine which involved crafting flower petals into a "flower crown", aimed at allowing players to get closer to animals without spooking them. Personally i always felt Wendy, who looked so "cute" and "wholesome" should have been able to get within strangling distance of most cute animals... but of well.

    Sorry, but no, and I'll tell you why. The game originally only had one source of armor, the Log Suit. This was fine and good. Howevr, along came the Backpack which used the torso slot... and then there was a crisis! To avert this crisis the Devs added the Football Helmet, which was just as good as the Log Suit, but you wore it in the head slot. Now while players can wear both armors, the true purpose of the Football Helmet has always been to help "backpackers". Adding a new armor, just for the sake of more armor... I don't think we need that.

    The only reason I can think of to justify speed boosting shoes is for those long 2-3 day hikes that are sometimes necessary to gather some resources in the late game. I think they would best be implemented as end game items that require the alchemy engine and plenty of resources.

    As for the armor shoes, i guess they would be overpowered so maybe have these shoes come with a speed penalty and maybe provide half or less protection than the log suit (also make equipping 2 or more armor items impossible) Again, the only reason I suggested the armor suits was to facilitate night expeditions.

  2. How about adding a footware slot to the inventory and having shoes that serve different purposes:

    Shoe Idea 1: shoes make you faster but scare animals like birds and rabbits from further away

    Shoe Idea 2: shoes make you slightly slower but make you inaudible or harder to detect by rabbits, birds and monster. (good for roaming late at night and hunting)

    Shoe Idea 3: Armor shoes. an alternative source or armor to the logsuit and football helmet. (would complement a mining helmet and backpack combo)