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  1. Hmmm, I liked the Idea of the trample factor but otherwise I think some of these changes would greatly hurt survival chances in the early game unfortunately. I guess if these factors only came into play once a plant or bush has been transplanted these ideas would be more balanced!
  2. I love this idea!!! perhaps have a different disaster for each biome. This would also go greatly with a repair mechanic!
  3. The only reason I can think of to justify speed boosting shoes is for those long 2-3 day hikes that are sometimes necessary to gather some resources in the late game. I think they would best be implemented as end game items that require the alchemy engine and plenty of resources. As for the armor shoes, i guess they would be overpowered so maybe have these shoes come with a speed penalty and maybe provide half or less protection than the log suit (also make equipping 2 or more armor items impossible) Again, the only reason I suggested the armor suits was to facilitate night expeditions.
  4. How about adding a footware slot to the inventory and having shoes that serve different purposes: Shoe Idea 1: shoes make you faster but scare animals like birds and rabbits from further away Shoe Idea 2: shoes make you slightly slower but make you inaudible or harder to detect by rabbits, birds and monster. (good for roaming late at night and hunting) Shoe Idea 3: Armor shoes. an alternative source or armor to the logsuit and football helmet. (would complement a mining helmet and backpack combo)