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  1. NVM Guys I cant go more in depth today.
  2. Jobs?

    Oh well beefalo fur cant do anything else and i have alot so...
  3. Jobs?

    What do beefalo hats do? - - - Updated - - - Good night brother of klei
  4. Jobs?

    So you think he took it to far?
  5. Jobs?

    What do you mean wilson?
  6. Tomorrow I will make a more in depth thread.
  7. Jobs?

    Thank you all for the support.
  8. I Know. Thanks for the input.
  9. Oh OK, I will address this as Soon as you calm your "attitude".
  10. Jobs?

    I'm guessing by that comment there's not much/any atheists here?
  11. I own a lot with 268 acres of farmland so....Be smart and answer that for yourself and read my other comment. Next time actually stop being a "Roster" and say something positive.
  12. Jobs?

    And this is why kids hate adults...We never get our fair share of consideration. Tell me, did you even read on after the "I'm 12" part? Probably not. Oh and by the way I have a Job helping build a house, I get payed 10/H so please go find a comfortable hole and stay in it for awhile. K? Thanks
  13. Here is my suggestion on the easy "steam-roll" to success farming problem fix! Here are some possibilities to consider: 1:Crop spoilage 2:Terrain/Biome Factor 3:Trample factor (and possibly fences for that) 4:Cageable beefalo that if put corresponding to a farm(s) will fertalize with no need to interact(after building and placing of course) 5:Hostiles/Enemy's could eat crops(Depending on what they are) 6:Wither with out pretty much irrigation 7:Constant need to be tended to because in real life lots of plants will not grow straight up 7:"birth" defects. Ever gotten a weird/ugly looking fruit/veggie? Exactly 8:Pigs will vacate if many of them go missing I know I won't have much impact but any reader/comment I very much appreciate! Thamks.
  14. Jobs?

    Thanks for the response I appreciate it.
  15. Jobs?

    I got Don't Starve a month or so back and since a week ago I've been interested in a job. I don't want a job for pay I just love the game and want to contribute. I have no idea what a 12 year old like me can do to help but anything and everything I will (most likely) do. If anyone knows any info on this particular topic that'd be great thanks.