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  1. Hi and best wishes for the New Year Folks ! First post here, I wanted first to thank Klei for crafting such a great game ! I'm currently on my third playthrough, and enjoying nearly every minute of the Path of Silence on NG+. I met only one slight glitch (?) so far: at one (single) checkpoint I would respawn right in front of a soldier. On Path of Silence NG+, this was basically an endless loop of being killed by the same soldier... I had to restart the level, but it was not such a big deal in retrospect Second is a question about the Set To Flight level (in the desert after Dozan dies): in the underground cave part, with the stalkers and boobytraps everywhere, is it *intentional* for the stalkers to fall into their own traps, thus giving me the "indirect kill" ? While I wouldn't mind at all on a normal playthrough , this is pretty much screwing up my current "no kill" playthrough... Unless I am missing something? Thanks for the answer and thanks again for the great game !