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  1. nitram

    i cant see movies

    Iam hearing the audio from the movies with a black screen
  2. nitram

    i cant see movies

    Thanks, I have found some codecs for WMPlayer and I can play it, but not in game - when Iam playing I see only black monitor without movies. But playing wiht WMP its ok:))
  3. nitram

    i cant see movies

    No, there are not ogv files, but bik files - when I tried to play with VLC - "there is not plugin for playing undfn files". I have shank 2 from humble bundle and its extract from zip files, so where is mistake? Thanks for your time.
  4. nitram

    i cant see movies

    and I have updated drivers for my graphics card
  5. nitram

    i cant see movies

    Hello, I can´t see movies when Iam playing - I have NVIDIA GeForce GT 220, Dirext X 11.0, Win 7 Professional 64-bit, E5300 2,60 GHz, 4 GB Ram - everything is going well, but after loading I don´t see movies and when I beat some hero I don´t see final scene... Where is mistake please, thanks a lot:) M