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  1. What About The "Slower" Players?

    Have you tried custom sandbox? You can make winter's short, and food plentiful. And there are more options to come soon.
  2. Your first hound attack?

    My first hound attack occurred when there were little to no notification of it happening. what do YOU think happened! - - - Updated - - - Oh hey I'm a full member now!
  3. No Beefaloes?

    I still find looots of pig towns. But the map is alot bigger now, so that might be part of your problem.But I still hate that I can travel along a giant savannah that has little purpose besides being the beefalo biome, and find no beefalo.
  4. No Beefaloes?

    More beefalo!!! Here here!
  5. Same World, New Character

    You used to be able to. I doubt the devs removed the option on accident. I mean, as much as I would love to keep a world that spawns in a pig village, with a pig king, and a bunch of grass and berry bushes, I am glad they got rid of the power to abuse that.Because I WOULD abuse it.
  6. Agreed, that is but one of the many many ways to unlock everything. I just got bored of the world I was in and destroyed everything with the machine.I do miss getting rid of my 4% durability items though.
  7. Big enough?

    I feel as though the change in mapping in the most recent update makes the game to easy/boring. There isn't enough stuff happening. I like that everything is connected now, especially since sanity drops ridiculous amounts of sanity, but as I keep my sanity up and don't do anything stupid/risky (which i will) then there isn't enough threats.Did all of the spiders get removed from certain biomes? The spiders were out of hand in the last update, but I feel like I rarely find them If i'm not in a forest biome.
  8. Anybody who has a problem with the new research system should probably just join forces and request for an "easy mode", because you could literally unlock everything in a day of "researching"
  9. Gamepad?

    I actually hook my laptop up to my 32 inch, sit on my bed, and use my mouse on a table. My only problem is that I can't rotate the screen to pick stuff up, so I oftentimes end up chopping down a tree just to get to something. I also don't build anything directly behind my fire pit, because you can't click it when the fire is lit. It's weird, I know, but one of the major reasons I play this game over others is that I get to be suuuper lazy about the controls. Also I can save it whenever. I have about 30 hours into it.
  10. I LOVE the winter hat, but I noticed that sometimes it bugs out. Sometimes if you take the hat off, it continues to snow. There was one time I put the hat BACK on and it turned the snow off. Not a huge problem, but I just wanted to point it out.