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  1. i did spend my christmas money on this game and i would love it if i could acually have fun with it
  2. one PG reply plz and two it wasnt too hard just i fail at surviving
  3. thx for being so honest also what they could do is have an option do you want to be able to collect ur stuff. the only way i came up with this was i had both science machines and i got very far and it all got taken away also i am a noob at survival games but i really like playing them. so like an option being a chicken or a man. that would b awesome! Again thx for being honest!!!
  4. I think when you die that when u start again u should be able to collect the stuff of who u were before and live and whatever like the person u were before u died. So u don't have to completely restart. But it won't last forever I think u should have to collect ur stuff or things or pick up where u left off (other than the days) 12 hours or so so it won't last forever so it is more fair and not cheating!!!! Also i think people should have an option for easy mode (chicken (me)) or Classic (man (not me))! Thx anybody who was honest with me!