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  1. _-_-_SOLVED_-_-_ I Validated the Game Cache and the game now works! I'll leave this thread up in case someone has the same problem. _-_-_SOLOVED_-_-_ I bought MotN on Steam, downloaded it, and can't get past the "Click to Continue" screen. My computer seems to be treating it as if MotN is no longer the active program. The first time I click or move the mouse, the cursor suddenly appears and the controls cease to function. The only way to exit is to Ctrl+Alt+Delete and go to the task Manager. (Shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+Esc doesn't seem to work, as the MotN window is on top of any other window that might pop up.) Macbook Pro (Bootcamp) -> Windows 7 64-Bit SP-1 i7 Processor 8 GB Ram