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  1. i like the gnomes but i want to own them, then they can collect things for me

    survival = dominating

    Thats not a bad idea...but since the Devs don't like pets and stuff...i dont know if thats possible...

    yes but for now put a bird/rabbit trap in chester. it takes up a space but he'll show up on the map

    Yeah =/ be using alot Traps to "mark" the map for something i chester key....machine parts and stuff.....i think they should fix that ASAP....cuz i dont think icon's on the map should be that OP =D

    - - - Updated - - -

    Them gnomes <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Meet Wilbur Shott!

    (Still working on last name.)

    A character suggestion! :D

    Wilbur is a southern raised man with a thing for animals and machines. His dad, where ever he is now, is a locomotive engineer and a gunsmith from the town they lived in and was fascinated by his father's work. He was being raised as a rancher but he never took the job seriously and often fooled around. He's usually wild and mischievous, but he is really kind.

    Beefalos don't seem to mind him shaving their fur, but doing it too much will aggravate them. (You can shave 2 beefalos without them getting mad while they are awake, the third time is a risk. You can go for a third with a 50/50 chance of the beefalo getting aggravated. Once done, you cannot shave them while they are awake for 10 days as they will instantly get mad.)

    He can milk beefalos with no problem. Unless a calf is near. (Right click with no tool in hand and a bucket in your inventory. Milk can be used to warm yourself via "cooking" it and then consumption. (I don't know how Winter the Devs mentioned will work exactly, but just throwing that in there.))

    He is really good with a lasso. (Lasso = 3 Ropes) (He can lasso beefalo calves, hounds and spider queens (Will add to the list of creatures if there are more added, suitable to be lassoed.) to temporarily make them immobile. Spider queens can still birth spiders and attack if you stand too close. The hounds can still attack if you are too close also. The rope will pop off the creature after the time of it's use is over (usually 4-5 seconds) or if you kill the creature. The percentage of it used will lower 20%.)

    He can craft a special hat! (Sheriff Hat = 1 Straw Hat + 2 Rope + 1 Gold)

    (Will add/update more another time. I like this character now. <3 SORRY WILSON! You're still second best. e3e)


    OMG...Look T this conetp ART!!! Amazing!!...O______O

  3. Hi !

    Just a small question/suggestion about profiles on the game.

    On most of my game my daughters (and dometimes wife) and i are challenging but here, on "Don't starve" it's impossible to create different sessions / profiles.

    Why not giving us the possibility to create different profiles, may be too a score, time, research, ... table to compare our evolution.

    Ohh man i really miss this feature...since my brother also plays DS =/

  4. Earthquakes!

    Damages structures such as pig houses, nests, farm plots, rocks, trees.


    Destroys plants/crops.


    Uproots anything in its path. Can even lift up beefalos lols.


    Destroys coastal bases.

    Hail storms!

    Player has to constantly add fuel to their fire or they freeze to death.

    Makes everything crazy exciting!!!

    GREAT IDEAS! Maybe i make some draws about it