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  1. Photoshop ;P....mad skills LOL....nah its cuz i use photsohp cince 2004 i i think the 80% comes from imagination since photoshop only EDIT things and not create ;P...u know what i mean!
  2. OMG! AWESOME!!!!Just found that in this new patch they added the "Pig House ans swanp Icon in the Map" and now i believe that they gonna add my "bucket Idea or item" in the future (maybe) ;PHow cool is that ? =D
  3. Thats not a bad idea...but since the Devs don't like pets and stuff...i dont know if thats possible... Yeah =/ be using alot Traps to "mark" the map for something i chester key....machine parts and stuff.....i think they should fix that ASAP....cuz i dont think icon's on the map should be that OP =D- - - Updated - - - :biggrin-new::biggrin-new:
  4. Wow great pics and i liked the idea +1
  5. I also fill this awy...since my game only have 3 bee hives and i aready destroyed 2 of them =/....but i believe option 2 should be nice ;P
  6. Dude...wish i had ur drawing skills...jez....ur pics just....OWN!!! O__O amazing ;P Keep up with the good work bro ;P
  7. OMG...Look T this conetp ART!!! Amazing!!...O______O
  8. It was just me or this update was so lack =/ ?? ALso they didnt fix the dupe bug and stuff =/
  9. Yeah i kinda miss that on the game...since i only found like 3 honey combs in my map =/ and aready destroyed 2 of them =///
  10. Sup bro...nice ideas that u have there =D...gonna try make some sketches over here to see what it should be IRL... =D
  11. My english is really bad sometimes LOL im a brazilian ;P but u get my point