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  1. Bug Submission

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    Water didn't fully generate on this map

    Steps to reproduce

    Created a new world

    Describe your issue

    I created a new world and the water on the map didn't entirely generate, there is just black space where there should be water.


    This bug has been submitted before and i think it will be fixed in the next update

  2. I really like the sense of isolation in Don't Starve's atmosphere.

    Why not add an extra layer by adding abandoned structures such as run-down forts, chared campsites, some kind of statues, and others on the map to give the impression just how long ago the last person may have been on this island?

    Well is it just decoration or you could retrieve something from them?

    If you could retrieve something from them then it should be somewhere hard to get to.

  3. Hey, i was wondering if i could get a beta code for don't starve, i'm really wanting to do a mini advertisement on my youtube channel and a let's play and review. If you would like to get in touch, my Steam username is: Savezombie1, and if that doesn't work, try savezombie11. It would be great if you gave me one!

    i have don't starve but What will you give me?

  4. Meet Wilbur Shott!

    (Still working on last name.)

    A character suggestion! :D

    Wilbur is a southern raised man with a thing for animals and machines. His dad, where ever he is now, is a locomotive engineer and a gunsmith from the town they lived in and was fascinated by his father's work. He was being raised as a rancher but he never took the job seriously and often fooled around. He's usually wild and mischievous, but he is really kind.

    Beefalos don't seem to mind him shaving their fur, but doing it too much will aggravate them. (You can shave 2 beefalos without them getting mad while they are awake, the third time is a risk. You can go for a third with a 50/50 chance of the beefalo getting aggravated. Once done, you cannot shave them while they are awake for 10 days as they will instantly get mad.)

    He can milk beefalos with no problem. Unless a calf is near. (Right click with no tool in hand and a bucket in your inventory. Milk can be used to warm yourself via "cooking" it and then consumption. (I don't know how Winter the Devs mentioned will work exactly, but just throwing that in there.))

    He is really good with a lasso. (Lasso = 3 Ropes) (He can lasso beefalo calves, hounds and spider queens (Will add to the list of creatures if there are more added, suitable to be lassoed.) to temporarily make them immobile. Spider queens can still birth spiders and attack if you stand too close. The hounds can still attack if you are too close also. The rope will pop off the creature after the time of it's use is over (usually 4-5 seconds) or if you kill the creature. The percentage of it used will lower 20%.)

    He can craft a special hat! (Sheriff Hat = 1 Straw Hat + 2 Rope + 1 Gold)

    (Will add/update more another time. I like this character now. <3 SORRY WILSON! You're still second best. e3e)


    awwwww the baby beefalo is soo cute.

  5. Bug Submission

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    Issue title

    there is a glitch and or bug

    Steps to reproduce

    using willow trying to dig

    Describe your issue

    I was using willow, trying to dig. a green box appeared around the areas I was trying to dig up. none of the characters will plant anything! will use chrome for now but that sucks cuz its slow. :( please let me know how to fix it or if I have to reload steam.


    sooo............I opened chrome before sending this off. same green box appears when trying to dig. still wont plant anything. HELP!!!!

    chrome version # 71213

    The new update allows you to dig up turfs and you now have to use right click to plant.

  6. Every 20 like days a rare mouse like mob spawns and wanders around the map and when you find it, it will become aggresive and it will start attacking you. You can tame it and it could follow you forever until it dies. after days the mouse will grow bigger and eventually you need to build a cage using 10 wood, 5 twigs and 3 grass.you can't control it after it's huge and you can feed it wood or twigs.