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  1. it could spawn anywhere when you have the maximum amount of naughtiness. I think.
  2. Krampus doesn't spawn when you have zero naughtiness.
  3. when i had a treeguard just chilling outside my base i set it on fire with the campfire and the fire went out in 3 seconds. Is that supposed to happen?
  4. if its a coincidence then how was that thing made? - - - Updated - - - it looks hand drawn...
  5. it kinda looks like a baby beefalo or a smalbird by the shape of it
  6. Every 20 like days a rare mouse like mob spawns and wanders around the map and when you find it, it will become aggresive and it will start attacking you. You can tame it and it could follow you forever until it dies. after days the mouse will grow bigger and eventually you need to build a cage using 10 wood, 5 twigs and 3 grass.you can't control it after it's huge and you can feed it wood or twigs.
  7. better not be holding anything or you get falcon pecked
  8. It would be too hard because when you go near one it will be aggro and you will be killing one so you will be fighting lots of tallbirds
  9. you cant trade chrome keys. - - - Updated - - - plus they're the same thing
  10. That never happend to me so that might be a bug but i sometimes have no ocean at the edge of islands.
  11. good idea! But how would you make a gnome? Maybe find one in a grave or one on the ground somewhere?
  12. they're not called bear traps they are tooth traps
  13. of course you can also dig up grass,saplings, stumps and berry bushes.
  14. i suggest that if you eat too much and you sit around all day you get fat and if you walk around you become slower and can sometimes trip?
  15. well you could let it spawn once in a while at night when you're not sleeping
  16. Tree guards don't wear armor or do you mean you were the one wearing the armor?
  17. Well the devs can add that in future updates
  18. in Steam it never said it had controller support so no you can't play with a controller.
  19. Because manure can be used as a fertilizer for the grass and it can be used in farm plots.