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    The jiggling makes me nauseous. For me now it's just unplayable. I have meniere's disease and I know that makes me more sensative but that graphic jiggle isn't good for anyones eyes. It's just a bad idea. At my old job we had computers and the edges of things would be jiggle. My employer got everyone new computers because that can damage your eyes. I know ya'll did it for an effect but research it some and you'll see it's not a good thing for your health.

    turn off distortion

  2. So Beefalo seem to be getting more intelligent, but, I am not sure exactly in what way. I survived until day 13 for the first time in a long time since the sanity update. I was quite happy! But I came across some beefalo and they were in mating season, and I was impatient so I tried to shave them while they were asleep.So the question is this, do they wake up during or after you shave them? Can their babies wake them up too?I shaved two of them before any of them woke up, then I ran around until they forgot about me and then I tried to shave a third one, but he woke up and killed me before I was halfway done, and I am not sure if it was because I was shaving him or because the children were scampering around.

    it was because they were in the mating season and they go crazy if you don't have a beefalo hat