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  1. you mean keep it up? stay close to the fire and eat lollies and cookies. also don't jump through wormholes since they drain sanity
  2. that happens to me too, but when it grows up it stops following you but at least it grows up slower if it keeps on chasing you
  3. it was because they were in the mating season and they go crazy if you don't have a beefalo hat
  4. I do not believe this! i know they can make prepared farms to welcome you but a fortress? oh lord this so cool
  5. Well you could just use bandicam since lots of people say fraps is crap and i use it. The free version only limits the recording time to 10 mins and it leaves a watermark. You can see my video:
  6. well i think i'm going to get this one then
  7. because on ebay there is a tablet that only uses your fingers and functions like a ipad
  8. What type of drawing tablets are good for drawing don't starve stuff?