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  1. If people think even the near invincible deerclops is going to be tough. I think some people need to rethink there death trap designs..and i dont just mean long walled in toothtrap paths sided by flammable things for the run back and walled in mini forests ect.... Use evry conciavable resource that can be used to manipulate the world to your advantage and think more maliciously and bigger yet still conservativly....spiders, pigs, beefalo, swamp tentacles tree gaurds even logs and grass...How many ways can you manipulate the world and how many ways can things in the game be distracted manipulated and killed?

    the deerclop is not the nearly invincible mob...

  2. I noticed today if you go into another world using the wooden thing your days completely reset even though you haven't really died. The fact they reset makes the idea of going through a lot less appealing and ruins seeing how long my character has been alive for. It eventually will be difficult to not use the wooden thing and getting a new world is nice and all but i really think the count should continue regardless of the amount of worlds you have been through before you die... Anyone agree?

    -1 I don't think that should happen since telepotatoing counts as creating a whole new world just with the same things in your inventory

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    1.play game 2.save and quit 3.log back in 4.you lose progress

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    I was playing and i had all these things but when i logged back on i lost all my things and i'm at the start of the day again