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  1. Stupid pigs

    it lasts about 2min
  2. better not be holding anything or you get falcon pecked
  3. just get one at morning annnnnnnndddd ruuuuuuun!
  4. It would be too hard because when you go near one it will be aggro and you will be killing one so you will be fighting lots of tallbirds
  5. you cant trade chrome keys. - - - Updated - - - plus they're the same thing
  6. Random split in savanah biome?

    That never happend to me so that might be a bug but i sometimes have no ocean at the edge of islands.
  7. trees can grow back?

    no.(it has to be 10 characters.)
  8. pan flute playing gnome :3

    good idea! But how would you make a gnome? Maybe find one in a grave or one on the ground somewhere?
  9. Share ur home base! NEWER one

    they're not called bear traps they are tooth traps
  10. The Food Update!

    i suggest that if you eat too much and you sit around all day you get fat and if you walk around you become slower and can sometimes trip?
  11. bogeyman

    well you could let it spawn once in a while at night when you're not sleeping
  12. Stupid mistakes not to make!

    Tree guards don't wear armor or do you mean you were the one wearing the armor?
  13. Controller Support?

    Well the devs can add that in future updates
  14. Controller Support?

    in Steam it never said it had controller support so no you can't play with a controller.
  15. Stupid mistakes not to make!

    Because manure can be used as a fertilizer for the grass and it can be used in farm plots.
  16. bogeyman

    yeah its quite a good idea but we should be allowed to get out of the straw rolls and fight the bogeyman.
  17. i get stone on the first day to make a fire pit