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  1. Monster XP

    but then it's too easy to level up.
  2. spider queen; need tips and stuff

    Maybe you could lure it to a pig village?
  3. bugged treeguard?

    But when i try to set it on fire again it doesn't work.
  4. This bug has been submitted before and i think it will be fixed in the next update
  5. [H] Don't Starve Gift [W] Mainstream Title

    He wants games that worth like 60$ and you want a game thats 12$? its not worth it
  6. Well is it just decoration or you could retrieve something from them? If you could retrieve something from them then it should be somewhere hard to get to.
  7. I need Don't Starve

    I don't want to give it to you though, sorry.
  8. I need Don't Starve

    i have don't starve but What will you give me?
  9. find the game in the steam files or right click on the game i think.
  10. How to avoid Krampus?

    the naughtiness goes down by 1 a minute.
  11. Wilbur the Wrangler

    awwwww the baby beefalo is soo cute.
  12. [Gameplay] there is a glitch and or bug

    The new update allows you to dig up turfs and you now have to use right click to plant.
  13. it can't be there for no reason.
  14. Treeguards?

    No it becomes neutral when it turns into tree form.
  15. KRAAAAAMMMPUSSSSS....Question.

    it could spawn anywhere when you have the maximum amount of naughtiness. I think.
  16. KRAAAAAMMMPUSSSSS....Question.

    Krampus doesn't spawn when you have zero naughtiness.
  17. when i had a treeguard just chilling outside my base i set it on fire with the campfire and the fire went out in 3 seconds. Is that supposed to happen?
  18. Turf Update Secret?

    if its a coincidence then how was that thing made? - - - Updated - - - it looks hand drawn...
  19. Treeguards?

    i think it could attack spiders and hounds.
  20. Turf Update Secret?

    it kinda looks like a baby beefalo or a smalbird by the shape of it
  21. the beefalo can poo on itself without shaving it
  22. Every 20 like days a rare mouse like mob spawns and wanders around the map and when you find it, it will become aggresive and it will start attacking you. You can tame it and it could follow you forever until it dies. after days the mouse will grow bigger and eventually you need to build a cage using 10 wood, 5 twigs and 3 grass.you can't control it after it's huge and you can feed it wood or twigs.