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  1. I suggested this mob and the koalaphant sounds very close to what i had. So Klei did you see my suggestion added it?it's this thread: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?6722-new-mob-suggestion
  2. [Gameplay] Attacking Chester

    sometimes ctrl gets stuck somehow and you have to press it to get it unstuck
  3. [Gameplay] Only Can Play Demo

    did you use the email you bought the game with? Or did you activate the game with the key?
  4. [Graphics] Sanity/Insanity Nausea

    turn off distortion
  5. Trapping birds

    hold down control without holding anything and left click on something you can attack
  6. how was the game made?

    made one long time ago
  7. What are your system specs? Annnd welcome!
  8. [H] 15 Dota2 Gifts [W] Don't Starve

    well you could get it for free anywhere else and it links your account to it
  9. Need help with anything, ask me.

    why can't i hide from aggroed mobs when i'm disguised as a bush?
  10. Where am i?

    yes! now i have no more space to take more pics so you guys can make your own
  11. Where am i?

  12. Where am i?

    try this one - - - Updated - - - heavy rain reference
  13. Where am i?

    yep and new one! anyone can feel free to post your own where am i pics! I really need a shower
  14. Where am i?

    nope and you can also freeze the camera by pressing CTRL+P
  15. Where am i?

    nope it's not
  16. Where am i?

    ok, here comes a harder one
  17. Where am i?

    ok i'll try a harder one
  18. Where am i?

    well that was easy
  19. of course you start a new game unless you have the cracked version
  20. Sanity... Og bloody sanity

    you mean keep it up? stay close to the fire and eat lollies and cookies. also don't jump through wormholes since they drain sanity
  21. or you could just move it to the desktop
  22. that happens to me too, but when it grows up it stops following you but at least it grows up slower if it keeps on chasing you
  23. Beefalo Behavior

    and that's what i meant