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  1. Don't starve gameplay!

    I wont be uploading much due to tests in school
  2. Super Toads?

    they kite terribly
  3. caves!

    why did my extractor crash?
  4. [Help] Hotkeys

    lol this is in the game since it first came out
  5. caves!

    there are different sounds at the end
  6. Walrus people (MacTusk.jpg)

    the deerclop is not the nearly invincible mob...
  7. caves!

    uploading another one soon
  8. caves!

    the name of the file is cave_AMB.fsb
  9. [Gameplay] Can't pick **** up. Literally.

    it's not poop, it is the track that the koalaphant leaves.
  10. Wx-78

    how about the food spoiling?
  11. -1 I don't think that should happen since telepotatoing counts as creating a whole new world just with the same things in your inventory
  12. dota 2 is worth nothing and when i try to sell it even for 5c no one wants it
  13. [Gameplay] Health Not Restoring

    did you build meat effigies? if you did it takes away your health until you break it or use it up
  14. Dancing

    test tool i suppose
  15. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72964 Issue title saves reverted back Steps to reproduce 1.play game 2.save and quit 3.log back in 4.you lose progress Describe your issue I was playing and i had all these things but when i logged back on i lost all my things and i'm at the start of the day again
  16. [Gameplay] saves reverted back

    only sometimes
  17. i suggest that when you pick too many berries that a berry guard appears like a treeguard but weaker and smaller and its weakness are spoiled berries
  18. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72964 Issue title random crash when harvesting dragonfruit Steps to reproduce crashes when harvesting dragonfruit Describe your issue when i was farming i harvested a dragonfruit then it crashed
  19. Best Way to Farm Honey

    set the forest on fire now!
  20. [H] 100+ games! [W] Don't Starve Steam!

    what? Borderlands 2? i don't trust you...
  21. Koalafant vs Big Bird

    i never got the chance to kill it myself so everytime i do that