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  1. wait wait wait, why would you need a spear and hat to watch your bacon farm anyways. Also, you pigs will find out Sooner or later what your doing
  2. Ok ok, bacon is hard to get, okay? People don't really think about bacon, more about devil hounds terring them limb from limb :3
  3. If your bored, set goals! Explore the entire map! Kill every spider nest! Capture all beehives! Lead an unstoppable empire of pigs, spiders, or smallbirds! Build a city or a village! Make a farm plantation! Take every single berry bush and plant them into a super farm! Dig up every grave! Become a chef! Make a forest! Make meat traps for hounds! For any more fun ideas, please post!
  4. 1. Do not try to kill a tree guard with no armor 2. Do not light a tree guard on fire near your camp 3. Do not prepare for hounds so much you forget to eat 4. Always have a fire before nightfall 5. Do not attack beefalo at night 6. Don't chase squirrels and turkeys 7. Don't forget to pause! 8. Don't forget: Swamps have monsters! 9. Don't chop trees at night (tree guards) 10. Have a spear by days 7-9 11. Don't eat cooked monster meat 12. Don't let krampus come near your chests 13. Don't burn poop 14. Don't go grave digging at night 15. Don't research stuff that you don't need (like winter hats) 16. Don't come near pigs during full moons (every 9 days) 17. Don't explore at night 18. Don't die (you won't respawn without a meat effigy or red gem necklace) 19. Always wear wooden armor 20. Don't go out at night in total darkness! If you have any others please comment!
  5. The first time I played I was scared, lost, and hungry, but I slowly learned to survive. Let's face it: if it's your first time playing your gonna die Soon. These strategies will help you get around without dying. First off, when you first spawn into the new world, you need an axe to chop wood so look around for a piece of flint and a stick. Flint looks like rocks and sticks can be found in dead branch bushes. Once you make an axe, start chopping wood and look for grass and sticks for the fire. Collect about 10 wood and keep ALL pine cones to plant later. Now all you need is food. Look for berry bushes and seeds on the ground to harvest. Once it gets close to sunset (if it already isn't) find a place to set up a temporary fire (preferably away from spider eggs and forests for safety reasons) and start to make the fire bigger by adding wood. Don't make the fire to big because it could result in fire spreading. The safe thing to do is to see what he says after adding wood by observing it. Keep adding wood until he says "Nice and cozy." If he says it's getting out of hand, you've added too much. Now that it's night time you have to protect yourself from danger. Keep your axe nearby and make sure the fire doesn't go out. You can now cook your berries and seeds. Keep an extra 2-3 uncooked seeds around for bird traps. Keep watching the fire and your surroundings to keep safe. In case a spider just happens to crawl right by your camp, don't attack it right away. They are usually Neutral around fire. Now that it's day time take your pine cones and plant them all in one area to make a tree farm. Get some sticks and flint and make a pickaxe. Look on you mini-map [tab] and look for boulders or giant rocks on the map. Follow the map to them and start mining (If you cant find any, just explore). Keep mining until you find a piece of gold. Use that gold to make a science machine, but make sure to put it around your base camp. If you get 12 rocks, keep em to make a fire pit. If your running low on food, take the seeds and place em around you. Birds will fly up and try to eat them. Kill them fast before they land and eat your seeds. Keep the feathers to take back to your science machine for research. Look around and harvest as many flowers as you can before dusk. Also, don't waste your time trying to hunt rabbits, turkeys, and birds who are not currently flying as they will run off and you cannot catch them. Now that it's sunset go over and start another fire. Put every single feather and flower into the science machine and earn knowledge. At night, use that knowledge to research how to make spears and wooden chestplates (spears first) as they are need to fend off hounds around days 6-9. Reply if you want to learn more!