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  1. Pig King

    In the world generation will a pig king always spawn? I found 2 pig villages already but they dont have the Pig King, Im starting to worry about it
  2. Bees and Hive

    If you killed all the bees Im afraid theres nothing much you can do.
  3. If I kill them AND get the eggs, will they still respawn? Cause I did it and its been like 5 days and it hasnt respawned yet
  4. Help with spiders!

    Teemo, do you have to put something in the trap or you hit the den and let them run into the traps?
  5. Help with spiders!

    But will I get the loot?
  6. So, I settled my base in an awesome island with beefalos, tallbirds, graveyards and spiders. Spiders. They seem to get stronger and stronger every single time I pay a visit to them. Currently there are 6 dens, 3 tier 3 and 3 tier 2. I wanted to get rid of those once and for all but without losing the resources and such. I do not dispose of fire darts/pigs (there are 2 pig houses near them and they kill the pigs as Soon as thry spawn). Thank you! ( this game is awesome)