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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] [exploit] Platform ChromeVersion Number 70861 Issue title amulet and fire dart +sleeping darts(edit) glitch Steps to reproduce i was filling in my map Describe your issue i dont know if it comes back or not when i take it i will update you after i take it http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/8584/whatdaafuck.png also the bunnie struck weird there were no bunnie holes even on that island just tailbirds ;3; i hate the tallbird city http://imageshack.us/a/img571/3052/dafackses.png sleeping darts to and alot of darts http://imageshack.us/a/img839/8217/monzes.png
  2. on how overpowered the bird traps are we need to downgrade the birds traps so that only 6-4 birds(birds spawn infinitely now) get caught in them a day i have 120 morsels just from doing the bird traps another thing that could be is the traps go down by 20 percent each time called dont starve
  3. my opnion is to make birds only caught by 4-6 bird traps a day i have like 120 morsels just from using bird traps because the birds just go to the traps infinitly not like the rabbits they have to respawn
  4. i see maybe a red gem or 2 there so rare to find i never seen a fire hound drop 1 and im on day 107 it says on the wiki its a %20 drop rate but never found 1
  5. if you hear there barking start a fire and use a spear and logsuit
  6. after awhile in game of gathering rocks and getting cut stone there should be a way to place cut stone to make a little camp area where spiders cant just wonder in like no buddys business im thinking we should be able to put cutstone down to make a little fort. the following etc can be destroyed with a pickaxe gives 3 rocks back cant make a completly filled in square around a perimeter
  7. if you get near any of these caves 5hounds will come then 3 then 0 (they will respawn over time like the pigs) every 20 seconds they come out of the cave if your close enough the only way to destroy a cave is by using a pickaxe when destroyed yields 8rocks 8flint 3hound teeth (can only be found in rocky terrain)
  8. the staff can be made with 20 charcoal 3 twigs and 8gold when used it acts like the fire darts but has a durability of 100% (goes down by 5 each use) it has 20 uses why so much gold ? me:well you can mostly get alot of gold from the pig king so it seem relevent
  9. why i want him to attack when your asleep XD hes the bogeyman he is the monster that stalks your sleep
  10. >...> thats what i mean when you wake up/get up he starts to attack you
  11. the item shoes are a form of armor they wear out and the player is slightly faster (how i came up with this my world inhabits long bridged areas and it takes me half the day and im hoping to be a lil bit faster than that) since there is a little room on the bar of items to put 1 more protection item why not add shoes they can be used for armor and speed and the kiting wont be any differnt, the jumping spiders cant be kited (n)spiders can be kited and if there is extra speed there is a chance to run away from werepigs and hounds since they run the same speed as you in the game .
  12. well i have been thinking of it but it kinda wouldnt change kiting at all p.s i just thought of this some shoes could make you more sain when they put sanity in
  13. the bogeyman is a creature that only attacks people in sleeping rolls %10 chance of getting him he is a shadow of the character that attacks you dealing 25-40 damage each hit his/her health would be 300 and... {nurfed/reason op}(if your character is wearing armor the bogeyman will wear the same armor) this is just a suggestion so ,
  14. while i heard you guys might be adding sanity to the game i would like to suggest pen and papyrus the pen is like a net everytime its used it waste 10% of the ink like the dapper vest and top hat it will give you sanity everytime you write. how to equip right click the pen and right click papyrus (pen layout on how to make 1tentacle spot{ink}+1stinger+1papyrus=pen) (second pen layout feather+tentacle spot= pen) hope you like
  15. hey im a daily gamer ;}

  16. a good idea would be shoes a new slot with a shoe mark. shoes could have multiple purposes some can make you run faster , more armor like the log armor and football helmet this is just a idea i have not thought of what should be used to make the shoe(s) im thinking something with pigskin BarovSoap posted a thread about having durablility like spider hats im thinking (running shoes) would be great for this. while i have been thinking of the shoe designs heres what i come up with (running shoes) 2redbird feathers +2pigskin = running shoes 100% durablilty (goes down like spider hat) (boots) 2pigskin + 1-2 tentacle spots= boots (extra armor)