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  1. wait so the back side has a mouth dun dun dun i give le sarcasm back
  2. how does it find you if it doesnt have ears eyes or a nose ?
  3. ite been mentioned before in bugs i heard they are going to fix it
  4. so far the ranking is really nothing because ive never seen anybody be above newbie except kevin and it irritates me.why is it there?
  5. if you look at my signature it explains the morse code of platental mammals
  6. well it would be to op to put in the game but if the use of fire darts and keeping distance he will die also if he did die then were would you get gold if the king is dead?
  7. i dont think it would be a pig king werewolf because then that would nurf gold from him if he dies im thinking more on the lines of a babybeefalo deer clop etc
  8. ok but i have a irritation to people that say things that peave me off i gave all the info there and...
  9. people are crying because my post was pretty [obvisous] to understand and i felt being meh for people that dont understand i even gave a link and still?
  10. lemme do it slow-ly pla cen tals mam mals are ani mals with ho-oves get a adult to help you out understand the link
  11. ive said this alot but baby beefalo and deerclop and mooore laurathia theria is a group of placental( interfacing between a mammalian mother and a fetus) mammals http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurasiatheria It includes shrews, hedgehogs, pangolins, bats, most ((hoofed mammals)) , and carnivorans
  12. - - - Updated - - - thx have that smiley face picture '3'
  13. find flint on ground dig up graves give junk to pig king (if you have 1) profit (gold) make gold tools
  14. do you stand by the science machine all day?you woul hear hissing when you killed a certain amount of animals then the hissing gets louder then really soft then he comes
  15. i am very confused on how the pics work it always says i have a little to much kb or mb and i dont know how to lower the kb ? do i minimize it really small?
  16. try to submit those 2 bugs someone hadalready submitted the birds but i dont think the moving back and forth have you juust left clicked and accidently walked that way
  17. a good way to get those idiots from eating it just hold ctrl with seeds and drop them on every side of the pig house theres a 75% this will work
  18. they have said they might be reskinning krampus but the real question is will the kramp sack be still available?