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  1. the first image looks like the bird is nesting on his head
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number 71213 Issue title ctrl quitting game Steps to reproduce 1 hold ctrl 2 keep holding and point at a gobbler Describe your issue so i was trying to get a turkey in a creves of a little piece of land to kill him but when i was holding ctrl for a long time it shut of dont starve completly
  3. wilson is jesus try keep walking see if you find nothing just blank space
  4. this struck me as odd but when i quoted kevin about his cohension comment (meaning beefalo stay in hurds) and i comment saying "with baby beefalo" after that while i was on my page one of the visitors was kevin ? bugtracker comment kevins visit what do you guys think ?
  5. make a new camp till it planets it self saftest way
  6. ive tried everything reseting my computer quit the game log off dont starve
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number 71213 Issue title Fast Dont starve! Steps to reproduce 1 turn on dont starve 2 play 3 speed up Describe your issue while i was playing dont starve it was faster than usaul i tested this with bunnies on there speed and they ran really fast the first time i noticed it was when i started walking i hope this gets fixed
  8. its possible the morse code was placental animals v more info in sig
  9. research is easy to get ,get a shovel, find area you dont care about or need to clear out,put turfs in science machine,20 points each
  10. V my signature has a bunch of dets about placental mammals about the jan 15 update
  11. ya if they fix it i will reset all the bugged tooth traps
  12. there bugged for now so everytime you save and quit with a tooth trap planted they wont go off
  13. ill be doing more after i finish making my pig city
  14. the idea is i have just feathers laying around in stacks tired of krampus picking my stuff up so he gets the feathers i sleep dart him and kill him - - - Updated - - - to stop krampus from grabbing my stuff sense i dont feel like reseting my traps from the tooth trap bug everytime i get on
  15. o.o his backside(referred to as a glute) lol
  16. meaty stew honey cooked morsel morsel honey 22 health 60 food will edit to add more delectable meals next meal will be meaty stew a la krampus add your meals to the bottom V were the bacon lives