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  1. Is the frame skipping problem. .I am confused that the other person is not also have this problem, if not I need to change the system or change the computer ...
  2. I love this game, so I used Google translate specifically to feedback my opinion, if the syntax is very strange, do not laugh at me. I pre-ordered from the test the first version of this game, because it is to like klei before the shank. In several versions of the early years, when I encountered fog often a little cards, but it does not affect my actual experience, but in recent versions I encountered fog often skip frames. Game where normal operation, but I do not see, I can only see the general character jump forward, this situation disturbs me greatly. My system is XP, My graphics card is the ATI 4300, system is not replaced in the short term and intends to hope that the working group as Soon as possible to solve the mist frame skipping problem, I know my graphics card may be too old, but I think the experience of this kind of game too bad Do you think? Thank you! !