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  1. Actually in my experience a discard/counter deck is extremely reliable before unlocking more cards. I recently started from scratch on steam because after an hour of pulling my hair out I could not get the account granting to work. Anyway my first 2 games with Sal were a discard/counter deck and I absolutely wrecked Kashio.
  2. Thanks for the response. I guess my question then is why not just say damage? Why bother with this "unmitigated" qualifier which just confuses the issue? Does mitigated damage (i.e. damage that you block) trigger certain effects?
  3. I did do a search for this and didn't find anything so apologies if the answer to this has already been posted. The tooltips don't seem to clarify exactly what counts as "unmitigated" damage. It seems to me there is a semantic ambiguity here and I'm not 100% clear on the answer. Consider the following: An enemy attacks you for 6 damage and you are blocking for 4. You take 2 damage. Is this considered unmitigated damage because you failed to block all the damage? Or is this considered "mitigated" because you didn't take the full attack? Thanks for your time.
  4. I was just thinking about adding this suggestion :Pmy idea was that you could draw on your map to make your own notes (beefalo/jackalope herd, pig village, random chests i leave around when i run out of inventory space etc.) maybe use charcoal and papyrus to write on your map?