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  1. spoiled Rotten update incoming!!!!i feel bad for u
  2. Eatablefan I don't really need to address it because there is a thread about it already Club I totally agree it is so hard to keep the gobblers away while you're harvesting
  3. this trap is very effective and easy to make, just pick up a mandrake using spacebar and plant it next to your berry farm(floating mandrake bug). Whenever a gobbler spawns it will get attracted to the mandrake and tries to eat it. Because it is impossible to pick the mandrake again,the gobbler won't be able to eat it thus making him kinda freeze and it will be easy to kill him. Hope it will help you guys out Sorry for bad eng it is not my first language Post your ideas and what u think!
  4. most epic : killed a beefalo with my bare hands ! stupidist : set my whole farm on fire (never playing willow again) best : had a fight with 5+ spider queens and killed 4 but died on the last one