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  1. hello Toaster Fu, I've tried this several times, including you own pointed me in a post, did it before and after format format, and the error persists. thank you.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform SteamVersion Number ----- Issue title Problem opening: dontstarve_steam.exe Steps to reproduce When I press the play button. Describe your issue I use windows xp, the game is giving this error: dontstarve_steam.exe, saw in the forum that the developers do not have an explanation. I went to the cafe and took the game perfectly. The owner of the lan house looked my pc, it did not solve the problem, so I decided to format the pc, just now installed just the basic programs, and I install the game, and to my surprise when installing the game by steam GAVE THE SAME ERROR. I honestly do not know what to do after formated not think it can be a problem for virus etc ...
  3. I've tried installing all possible ways, but when I start the game appears dontstarve_steam.exe encountered a problem and needs to close.And when I see the report of the windows it says something about a dll msvcr90.dll already downloaded and installed another dll, but no use.
  4. the topic is closed.I've been looking at the report of the windows and it tells me something about msvcr90.dll dll, this dll downloaded and installed.Apparently I have to format the pc.
  5. Thanks, when will the next update?hopefully resolve this error on the next.edit: on which topic is for me to post?
  6. I use Ccleaner and cleaned the hard drive.Perhaps the information from my pc help.Windows xp160GB HD2GB DDR2 RAMDUAL CORE E2200From what I've been researching this error is not just me.
  7. Thanks for replying and thanks for the effort.I had seen this process did not work.I uninstalled and then installed again VCRedist and did not work.I do not know what to do, I bought the game to pass the time, and I'm really hanging out, just not playing = /Maybe there is some clerical error, it's because I'm using google translator, sry.
  8. Friend did not work, and I already reinstalled several times.
  9. I can not create a certain topic in the area do not know why. I downloaded the game through Steam and when I went to play the error appeared ''dontstarve_steam.exe'' encountered a problem and needs to close. I've looked everywhere and can not solve the problem.
  10. hi im new

    I can not create topic because?
  11. help please. am a new User, and I can not create topic.I just dont buy starve, and when I play dontstarve_steam.exe appears the problem has encountered a problem and needs to close.