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  1. so your saying, when we build our little walls/barriers. . . THERE GONNA BE BROKEN DOWN?! i love getting a little camp started. and little farms. what keeps me playing is the "creepyness" and "new creatures" for example, at night, and that little hand peaks out, and takes my light/campfire :// i get shivers. i really love creatures like chester.and making pig armies. i wish that they would stay longer, and not turn into werepigs, and break my house down ://there should be an option. for example, if the pigs "do" have homes they wont turn into were pigs. i want a loyal piggy... ://so yes, the games difficult level is pretty high. but, ive never encountered any other resources, besides grass, rocks,wood,sticks, ect. because i cannot find them... i played this game over 12 hours straight... yes its addicting...
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number - Issue title Will not load >> Don't Starve Beta 70861 Steps to reproduce In chrome, i open a new tab, then i click on the Dont starve icon. I see the main screen, but it does not load. i bought the game a day ago... Describe your issue <<<<<<<<<<<, i cannot not go any further than this screen ://