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  1. Greetings, I purchased the Humble Bundle 7 and, since Shank 2 comes as a tar.gz package, I prepared a short script to make a .tgz package to use with Slackware's Package Manager. The script links Shank 2/bin/shank2-bin to a location included in $PATH (/usr/games by default) in order to launch the game from any location and adds a menu entry. As it is, the menu entry lacks any icon and I'd like to ask if there is the possibility to add them in the next version of the tar.gz on Humble Bundle or if they can be made available on the forum in order to include them in my script. The script changes nothing with the sole exception for the Shank 2/bin/shank2-bin file, as it applies a patch to allow the game to save and to launch the game without having to cd into the Shank 2/bin/ directory first. If it could be of any interest and if I am allowed to, I'll gladly share the script. The script makes use of Slackware's makepkg but it should be possible to easily alter it to support other distributions. Cheers! EDIT: obviously I noticed there was an updated version just now. I will check to see if some of the changes I introduce with the patch are now useless in which case I'll remove them. Anyway, both the request for icons and the offer still stand. Cheers!