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  1. Idealy you want 1 main base on the edge of where the beefalo live. and if you can little bugout survival bases around it with 1 farm a crockpot and a chest with emergancie supplies maby a few gras tufts and logs ect you know.. Idealy too you want to leave markers for night time runs if needed. Like a trail of torches going to your little bases and things to burn left out near your campfires. And remember it isnt about looking good its about efficiancy and making sure you will win.
  2. Dont take unnecersery risks and toothtraps are your biggest friend. Fireflies too. Dont get into a fight your not absolutly 100% sure youl win and do not waste anything. Like if you need charcoal for 1 item .. segregate one maby 2 trees and burn those not all of them. Stuff like that.But its all changed with this update from what ive seen. Im going to restart and rethink all of my plans, death traps and stratergies
  3. I never take pics of my games or vid them i just play for my own amusement. Not out to prove anything to anyone online. I dont even know why i botherd answering the forum question but i did. However i can see your point and your welcome to beliave what you wish. Tbh i didnt even realise that was a decent score untill i joined these forums.As for mods i wouldnt even know where to start. When it comes to computers im a complete utter n00b (i dont even have a mobile phone lol)
  4. By dealing with things as efficiantly and as conservativley as possible. But i honestly doubt i could do it again now.
  5. 830 no mods in sandbox. Started playing just after the hounds where added and on and off till insanity. I havnt played much for a while so theres probly loads i wont see unless i restart. I was quite lucky though. The world i found was almost perfect besides having only 2 bee hives.
  6. Awsome ty. Falpatrick has a sense of humour....unlike some other streamers.
  7. He sead he was tired and stuff erlier though. So i dont think hel be doing it for that long?Is anyone else planning to?
  8. Is anyone planning winter patch live streams for tonight/day wherever you are? Its night here.
  9. Well whichever mob its going to be then.- - - Updated - - - Well whichever mob its going to be then.
  10. If people think even the near invincible deerclops is going to be tough. I think some people need to rethink there death trap designs..and i dont just mean long walled in toothtrap paths sided by flammable things for the run back and walled in mini forests ect.... Use evry conciavable resource that can be used to manipulate the world to your advantage and think more maliciously and bigger yet still conservativly....spiders, pigs, beefalo, swamp tentacles tree gaurds even logs and grass...How many ways can you manipulate the world and how many ways can things in the game be distracted manipulated and killed?
  11. Imagine going about your everyday buisness and minding your own. Even just doing what you do weather there good deads on not. Anyway one day you walk into a room. It could be any room not one that wasnt there before...could even be your bathroom or bedroom..but you walk through the door and fall into blackness. You wake up and your in a world which moves and lives and breathes like yours... only the night and the darkness is infinate ever present alive ever aware and HUNGREY and will attack in whatever form it can think of to encompas itself all over you to devour you. Besides when the sun comes around the ever present infiniate blackness is pushed away for a brief time and is limited to lesser forms of also doesnt want to just eat you it wants to play with its food and smell its fear..... infinity must get pretty boring on your own.... This is what Maxwell is.Why is it there? Who could ever say? Perhaps it was sealed away by some long long forgoten race with strange magick in a world of its own in an attempt to stop it from devouring all things of conciousness and realsing its grip on life. If this being the case its obviously found a way to reach out to satisfy its twisted needs to some degree.Or well just have to wait and see what the devs say who or what he is lol.
  12. What was that "quaint" little quote i heard a while ago that seems very very relavent to this response from you....oh yes "come at me bro"
  13. Think your going to hunt me do you!? Think your going to turn me into dinner and a trophy do you!?Just wait until you come accross what ive got in store for you stupid little walruses....who will be hunting whom indeed!
  14. hmm would probably work out that. But perhaps the ghost could make monsters aggro from a greater distance. and maby wes could talk but speak in tongues that would be cool.
  15. I think thats a brilliant idea!. Doesnt even have to hurt you. What if it eats your food as your trying to eat and it starts squirming around on your face. Creepy as hell lol It would make you want to shave reguly. A little more risky for growing beard hair for effigies
  16. I know what this is....Its the mexican staring frog of southern sri lanka... RUN!
  17. It works fine if you put the Manure on first and then the seeds but not the otherway around. Might be a bug actualy i dont know.
  18. And then a fire hound trips it and burns down all your hives and flowers and probably your camp >.<
  19. Im sure the name is a nod towards the film Castaway especialy considering the nature of the game. Does anyone else think so or is it just a coincidence?
  20. When you plant seeds in any farm plot you can just click on it anywhere for them to be planted. Yet when fertalizing you have to be realy carefull and plant them exactly where the growing seed is on the farm plot. Surely it should be the same for fertalizing as it is for planting seeds? Makes sense to moi anyways.