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  1. This just makes sense - it's a new game, a new console, and the right fan base. Mark of the Ninja WILL sell on the Wii U. The eShop is still fairly barren, and what indie title are present appear to be doing well. Trine 2, a game that is over a year old now, is doing very well on the Wii U currently. Quoted from another article - "Anyhow I'm fairly confident in saying that Wii U will be our best console platform. Whether it's the "launch effect" or eShop's better visibility, or the general quality of the game and the great word of mouth - thanks to everybody! - or sheer luck, I don't know - but we'll take it. :)" Please Klei, give this serious consideration if it's possible. I won't pretend to understand all the minutiae of distributing an indie title across multiple platforms and formats, but from me, to you, I promise to buy two copies of this if you make it happen - I'll come back to this thread and gift one out to someone. Thank you, Irm