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  1. I was only able to reproduce this once, but I couldn't tell what I hit because I was sort of flailing. I'd been completely restarting levels when this happened previously, but I realized that if I just exited the game and reloaded that it would resume at the last checkpoint, which has saved me a LOT of time. Still, I'd really like to find out what's going on here. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. I was able to make it happen again. I was playing through the third level and had just made it past the elevator shaft and into the other shaft where you've got a bunch of lasers to circumvent. While flying through midair, I meant to hit something but accidentally hit a key or keys and it instantly locked up on me. Same deal - I can hear game going on in the background and restarting at previous checkpoint seems to be doing something in the background, but it doesn't reset the video. Pretty disappointing... it'd be easy to say that it's some kind of combination of my keybinds and that it's a really odd occurrence, but I've been able to make this happen 4 separate times now without having to try too hard... sigh. I'm going to experiment around with hitting various combinations of the keys I use the most and repost here if I figure anything out.
  3. I did that before posting and got no errors. I haven't played since, however. Will respond again here if I experience any more lockups.
  4. Hi guys, Loving the game, except for one problem: every once in a while I'll be playing away and everything will appear to lock up. Whatever my character was doing at the time will be frozen on-screen and I will no longer be able to do anything. However, the game is not crashed at this point as I can go into the menus, change settings/keybindings, etc. Attempting to restart at last checkpoint does nothing, but I AM able to restart level and that clears up the issue. I'm on the third level currently and it's now happened 3 times. I'm in the process of downloading a new video driver as the version I'm currently is dated October... Any thoughts on what might be going on here other than a possible driver issue?