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  1. I agree that I'm far less challenged at day 20 then I was the first Hound attack; I don't think I'll be threatened until hellhounds or 2 digit packs.
  2. Seems that my manmade hives cap at 4 generated bees, and create them pretty fast. I'm still finding lots of wild honeycomb, so I plan to make 8 or so hives. Then put a bee mine in the middle by a piece of meat. And then... the hounds.
  3. UPDATE: Stupidest has been replaced with 'forgot to put charcoal in fire as Firestarter and set 24 berry bushes 20 grass tufts and 20 saplings on fire in main base'
  4. Most Epic: Killing my first tentacle with spear and logsuit Stupidest: Hitting spiders at dusk when they wander out, realizing their aggro radius reaches my campfire, running around in circles until light vanishes and I die Best: Beating a pack of 5 hounds via Beefalo
  5. All roguelikes are all about finding your own amusement after you get established. Unless they have sadistic horrible endquests like Dungeon Crawl.
  6. I thought I'd ask some basic questions on apiculture, given I don't see a thread for that and I never trust wikis. I'm sure other newbies are just too shy to ask. 1) Can you harvest the bees that are made by a hive to make more hives of bees? 2) Is there a benefit to transplanting bees and releasing them near your own hives? I have noticed that a bee I accidentally let loose started using my hive, as did a third bee that wandered nearby (That bee is a turncoat) 3) Do flowers have to be nearby? If yes, how do you transplant flower? A shovel doesn't work. 4) How often do hives generate more bees, and what's the cap? Is there a way to tell how many bees are in it? 5) How many other people have accidentally smacked a bee with a shovel and had to flee a million killer bees?
  7. My starter map is amazing. I start right by a moderate graveyard, with pigs and beefalo beside each other, and even a southern quarry. I will regret the day I eventually gen a new one. It's good for training purposes!
  8. This is my first game where I got a permanent base up and going. To the east is beefalo and the north is a pig village. A quarry, swamp, and two grasslands are about a third a day's jog away. I've survived 3 hound attacks so far by leading them to the beefalo; i have about 12 so I haven't lost any of them outside wandering off a million miles. Short term goals: More bees. Do bee hives generate their own bees, or should I transplant new ones?
  9. Some of them have died in the swamp. There is a giant forest between the grasslands and the swamp. Damn beefalo!
  10. I set up my permanent camp beside some beefalo on the range, hoping for a long term source of poo and dirty hippy hair. But they seem to progressively be fanning out more and more from the grasslands into the surrounding forests. I fear eventually they will have vanished into the adjoining terrain. Is there any way to herd the beefalo back into the center of the grasslands or the like, or should I cull the ones annoyingly far off?
  11. Nice to meet you. You know you are coming along when a hound bites you.
  12. I felt fat and sassy with a spear and 75 HP. I am learning quick monsters are deadly without log armor!
  13. I recently also died to a treeguard and tentacle. But now I'm 10 days going strong!!
  14. I advocate dropping meat when you die, so if a pigman is near it will go and eat it while you watch in horror
  15. I'm a veteran roguelike fan of many years and grabbed this after seeing it on the Steam sale; it's good fun already, Beta or not. I got to 7 days my first try diving in, ultimately I died to a few hounds. I ran away successfully but had just unlocked spears, and they were eating all my rabbits around my camp. Suffice to say I came back and it did not go well. Death #2 was 4 days later. It involved annoying spiders around a campfire at night. When the campfire was almost out. I played ring around the rosie until it went out. It was a bad end. How often do most people live starting out and such? It's pretty laughable my second game was almost half the length of my first. I think I got about 3-400 research points from both