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  1. I just wanted to chime in quickly, and mention that i really like the longterm progression aspect of the current system. Being able to gradually make some permanant improvement to things gives a sense of progression that keeps you coming back to a game. i'd definitely hate to see it removed, and i'd even like to see more of iti agree that removing grind, where possible, is a good thing too. With that in mind, it's worth considering basing unlocks on things that aren't so grindable. For example, achievements - specific things that can only be done once, and force you to constantly re-evaluate and vary whatever it is that you're doing to unlock the next shiny thing.
  2. Hi everyone ^^ i wanted to discuss two items in the game.maybe it's just my personal preference, but i rather like building up a "home", a little place to live and call my own. Considering the somewhat nomadic nature of the game, a campsite is about the most reasonable thing to expect. We do have campfires, which (with a little extra investment) can be placed permanantly and that's awesome, but the same can't be said of the straw roll and tent.these two items are essentially the closest we get to habitation. the straw bed thingy allows you to skip the otherwise empty few minute of waiting in the dark, and the tent has the rather unusual function of letting you switch characters. however both are destroyed upon usage, and are somewhat expensive to create in the first place, pretty much negating any hope for making a nice little home.I don't understand the logic behind making the sleeping bag consumed after one use, or in the hunger penalty it gives you. A human metabolism naturally slows down during sleep, and it would make the most sense for hunger to deplete at a slower rate if you choose to sleep through the night. there's no logical reason why a bed should vanish after one use either. If anything, i think investing in creating a bed, and "digging in" to an area, ought to be rewarded, such as with a temporary buff in the morning after for the tent, i like tents. i want to have one around. can i please not have it crumble to dust when used? perhaps a cooldown could be put on it's character switching effect if there's a balance problem there. once every 2 days or so ?