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  1. monster tentacle

    No they don't respawn.
  2. What day are you on?

    I am currently on day 63, setting a new record for my longest survival. Here's a list of all my playthroughs so far with this game: 1. Day 42 - Warrior spider 2. Day 7 - Tentacle 3. Day 5 - Tall bird 4. Day 7 - Tentacle 5. Day 4 - Tall bird 6. Day 63 - and counting...
  3. Make new world option is gone

    You click "play" and THEN the "continue", "new game" and "new world" options will appear.
  4. Maybe they could add a "freeplay" mode that gives you the freedom of doing what you want with no danger? Because if that was the main game if wouldn't be an "uncompromising wilderness survival game" would it? People need to be pushed to survive, if they have the option to just sit back in peace with no danger then the game wouldn't be fun.
  5. Sure this could be used for decoration, but as many others have said it will probably have some purpose to it. Maybe after winter everything respawns on all tiles including those you place yourself? Or maybe you can only plant trees on forest and grassland tiles? We'll have to wait for the update to find out.
  6. Weird maniac laugh at night

    I heard this a while ago just before the Naughty and Nice update came out. I don't remember much but I know it was my first play through and sometime around day 35? Anyways I was going to get some silk from a spider nest, and it was separated from my main island by a large swamp island. I left a bit late and had to spend the night in the swamp. So there I was cooking a morsel on my campfire, minding my own business, when I hear this creepy laugh. It was very distant, was clearly a man laughing and only lasted a second or two. I didn't think much of it back then, 'just ambience I suppose' I thought. But maybe it's more than that...
  7. I always bring a couple of meat with me (usually monster meat from past attacks) and then drop it on the ground when I hear the barks. As long as you kill them quickly it's not too hard to deal with them as they usually attack one by one and will go for the meat, allowing you to intercept them.
  8. So... How did you die?

    The last time I died was on day 4 . I was just minding my own business walking through a small rocky area when suddenly three tallbirds charged at me from all sides. I tried to fight them, and I managed to kill two then the last one sneaked up on me.I had been delaying making a logsuit as I didn't see it as necessary so early on, now I realise how foolish I was. I survived to day 42 on my first play through and then died on day 7, then 4, then 7 again, then 4 again :/.P.S. Hi everyone, this is my first post on these forums. I have owned Don't Starve for a few weeks, and have long been a lurker on these forums, but I decided it was time to finally join in.