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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title Bee Mine serious bug Steps to reproduce Bee mines doesn't deplete while kept in backpack they swarm out kill almost everything so free loot, unless you misclick a bee with a weapon equipped Describe your issue I built 10 bee mines and kept them in my backpack and in my normal inventory in order to unleash them all on 3 spider queens. While going to the battlefield i stopped near pigmen to recruit them as cannon fodder. While approaching the first pigmen (while giving him meat) bees started to swarm out in increasing number and wiped out all the village My bee mines didn't get depleted from that and kept spawning bees I rushed straight to the spider queens and with the same tecnique (going very close to them) i spawned something like 300-400 bees. all attacking spiders and everything that come close to me,neutral creeps and spiders alike. Seems that this bug can affect the difficulty of killing almost anything, nothing can stand against a swarm of bees that size without the effort of gathering them one by one.