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  1. I died on my 31st day in a battle between two Tree Guards, my 10 pig army which half turned to werepigs, a spider queen and 6 tier 3 spider nests. I was on my way back from the pig village and the little pig huts nearby with my new recruits and decided to get some wood for a fire as it was just about evening. the pigs decided to go a little further and chop down the rest of the small forest, spawning two Tree Guards. While my pigs fought the Tree Guards, I built a fire as it turned to dusk and suddenly I noticed a TON of spiders coming in my direction. I helped out my pigs a bit and 2 remained. BOTH turned to werepigs so I had to kill them, and by the time i had finished with them my football helmet was destroyed and my logsuit was on low. The spiders arrived, i killed maybe 3/4 of them when my tentacle spike and logsuit broke. They quickly finished me off... I was annoyed too because I JUST finished making my camp self sufficient. 20 berry bushes, 75 patches of grass, 100 or so saplings, 5 bee houses, 4 spider nests (got the eggs and moved them for meat), 5 crock pots, 8 turbo far patches and my camp overlapped a beefalo field. I had just built a few tents so i could switch to wilson for my first meat effigy and 4 pig houses for my body guards. I'll be taking a break from this game now lol.
  2. Which one do you prefer? I've yet to find a good world on either. I had one in regular with 5 bee hives yet ALL were killer bees. I had spent quite a large amount of time preparing to make my own bee hives for honey. None i have found on test have gotten me far. Usually the beefalo field is isolated from the rest of the world on test, yet the different biomes are a ton further apart on regular. I saw someone with connecting biomes with no walk in between (at least it looked like so). Which generation method should i try to use to spawn a good world? is there any way to make a world with no pathway in between the biomes? Why doesn't chrome think biome is a word?
  3. A little broke ATM and am a bit tired of restarting every 16 minutes. Anyone got a spare key to give away?