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  1. 3 things i like the most:

    1) Rivers. Here is why:

    Suggestion #1


    Why!?:Great when your out of boulders, and the nearest boulder is like 3 islands away, but you got ponds nearby.

    -2 boards to craft a panning bowl.

    -Has durability.

    -Using the bowl with a pond lets you pan preferably for gold, but when you don't get gold you just get rocks.

    ...panning in a pond is too absurd, so i think it should be used in rivers. Currently there is an experimental world generator and it has narrow water lines separating islands, i think if devs stick to this terrain generation mechanics they can easily turn those water lines into rivers.

    Also i think that you shouldnt be able to trespass rivers.

    2) Caves. Everybody love dungeons! (And dragons...) Also dark caves fit this game's creepy atmosphere.

    3) Bridges. No gates on them though. Also i think that the following terrain generation mechanics would be good:

    Rivers are not trespassable, but they have narrow sections (requres less stones to build a bridge, but you still can buld a stone bridge in any part). This will make player make decision on where he wants to put the bridge and not just put it at random spot of the river. Narrow sections shouldn't be too far from naturally generated bridges to not let player easily cut huge corners in the early game. You can build wooden/stone bridge across narrow section, no difference in functionality (or maybe wooden bridges should be flammable?) and you only can build stone bridge across wide section.

    Logic behind this - wooden bridge is not durable enough so you cant stretch it across too wide area, but stone bridge is.

    Balance behind this - stone is harder to get in a big number so player will have to work hard to be able to build even a single bridge but will also be rewarded by ability to cut any corner he wants.

  2. Apple trees - bad idea. First of all im almost sure that the main reason why Evergreen is the only tree in this game is because its easy to see whats behind it. Tall bushy trees will force you to rotate your view alot. After-all this idea copies berry bush mechanics and is not very original. In spite of this, I like apples :DFish hatchery, beefalo pen, jungle biome and iron armor ideas arent creative at all. Cant say i dont like them, but there is nothing special in them. Sorry.But i lake Panning idea alot! But panning in a pond is too absurd, so i think it should be used in rivers. Currently there is an experimental world generator and it has narrow water lines separating islands, i think if devs stick to this terrain generation mechanics they can easily turn those water lines into rivers.

  3. Hi.

    Since this is my 1st post on this forum i just want to say a huge thanks to devs for this great game! Way to go guys!

    I haven't read the whole thread so probably i'll partially or fully duplicate some of the ideas, but still i want to share my thoughts.

    btw Magnolia thanks for your sum-up post, it's very handy!

    And now ill share some thoughts on research system.

    Current system:


    - You can dump items that you dont need anymore and get some profit, making use of useless items makes me feel good=3

    - Learning which items give more points and which less makes you feel more pro in this game. This "i'm becoming more pro" feeling means alot for many players.


    - As said before - it makes grinding the most efficient way to unlock things.

    - You cant feed the whole stack to the research machine, so you have to spam clicks. That becomes really annoying with time.

    - Unlocking everything makes you OP when you start a new game.

    - You can only research in your base camp, which makes you less mobile (unless you've GRINDED enough gold)

    Prototype system:


    - Will remove opportunity to unlock things by grinding resources that are easy to get and will force player to explore the world.

    - Will let players to both UNLOCK and CRAFT items they want with same types of ingredients.


    - Unlocking and crafting will become way too similar and decrease variety of game mechanics to learn / types of actions to do.

    My thoughts:

    I totally agree that nerfing permanent unlocks is good, but totally removing them feels wrong. I suggest to add permanent unlock slots. To achieve perm unlock you must feed N items of that kind (N is individual for each kind of item) to the research machine, then you'll get a chance to select that item as one of X starting recipes at the beginning of new game, list of perm unlocked items wont be wiped, but player will only be able to select X from it.

    Random thought - on world generation 4 bosses are spawned in different locations. Each boss drops 'treasure map' item. When you first use it - X mark appears in the world. Item itself contains a screenshot of a place that the mark is at (remember grail puzzle from HOMM 3?). When you reach it and use shovel on it - you get treasure chest with 'perm unlock recipe' (gold prototype recipe?) for random item that isnt perma-unlocked yet. After that you need to put it into research machine, research will require normal amount of resources for that item + N amount of gold nuggets. After research is done- item is added to your perma-unlocked list.

    I'm relatively new here, but I thought I might share an idea I had for a refinement to the Research System:

    Make the Science Machine like a Crockpot...but backwards

    Whereas for crockpots, you decide what ingredients to add in order to get a particular meal, The Science Machine, once told what you want researched, will then tell you what ingredients it wants.

    For example if you choose to research the "Backpack", then the Machine will then begin to demand a series of ingredients, like Grass and Twigs (since they are the material requirements) but then maybe also some odd and random items like a pinecone, flowers, a log, and maybe a gold nugget. Once you have given the machine what it demands, it will churn for a while, and then *Ding* you now know how to make a Backpack.

    I think doing research by catering to the whims of a capricious machine would be much more interesting (especially when it starts demanding exotic materials) than simply feeding it cost-efficient items or paying extra for prototypes. Care would have to be taken to make sure the machine never demands anything that you are incapable of giving it, but still have the requirements be varied and unpredictable.

    Thats a very good one, only want to refine it a bit:

    Once you've put ingredients for item you want to unlock into machine and start the research - it will research slowly, lets say 3 game hours for straw roll and 2 full days for meat effigy. But you can speed it up by feeding more resources to the machine, each type of resource will still have "weight", like in current RP system.


    Lets say you wish to unlock straw roll that requires 6 grass and 1 rope. You put those into machine and start the 3hr research cycle. Total weight of research will be 1 weight point per grass and 4 WP per rope, that's 10 WP total. If research lasts for 3 hours then it's 18 mins per WP, so by feeding 1 grass you speed up the research by 18 mins and by feeding 1 rope you speed it up by 18*4=72 mins.

    All those numbers may look too complicated, but i believe that this system can still be understood intuitively.

    Also it may be a good idea to still let player throw in different kinds of stuff into machine that are not included in the recipe for 50% (or less) efficiency. This may be done just for the sake of making use of useless items" thing, while still leaving grinding of same item types for researching extremely inefficient.

    That's all i can think of for now.

    Also here is one more random thought:

    Event "Eureka!"

    If you sleep during the night you have a very small chance to unlock random recipe for free on wake up. List of recipes that can be unlocked this way is fixed, you cant get valuable items like miner hat or meat effigy this way, but you can get straw roll or tier 2 farm plot, not tier 3 though.

    P.S. i've just read the GlyphGlyph's long post and i find his ideas very creative and interesting, but i've spent too much time writing my post so i won't try to implement some parts of his ideas into mine (even though it's very tempting) and will leave this option to devs.

    P.P.S. Sorry if my english is too terrible:D