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  1. Sock's Art

    So it's apparent Wilson and just generally all kinds of quirky shoes is a good idea. I like it. Haha.
  2. Sock's Art

    There will be Soon! I've been trying to doodle some out tonight. I've just started back with school and such so I haven't had much time, but I'll get more now once everything settles. Plus, Wilson's bacon winklepickers just haven't turned out quite right yet.. All I have to give currently is a scribbled picture. And I hope everyone is excited for him as I am. And also, if you guys wanna add me on steam I'm fish_socks on there as well.
  3. Sock's Art

    Then they are sorely under appreciated. Stick them in their faces next time. MAKE them notice.
  4. Sock's Art

    Thank you, thank you! I've been worried about how I draw him. The girls I started doodling first off, but I wasn't quite sure how I would draw Wilson and still seem the same as his little cartoon-y counterpart. And oh god. I never thought I would imagine this. Or that Wilson was the dominating type. BUT WHO AM I. Being a girl, I wouldn't know that suffering. But at least you have that knowledge that you're looking spiffy. I hope he got some gold nuggets for this.
  5. Sock's Art

    Yeah, his outfit is a bit different then it is in game. I didn't know that the 1920s was the style of the game, but I do now But it was fun to draw him in that clothing regardless. I love some good puffy sleeves. And I've always been given the impression of a steampunk-y feel to it all and I've been dying to draw them in it. Soooonn. Winklepickers shoes = fabulous. This is the first world I've found a tallbird in! I thought the pigs would help me out with the whole tallbird chasing me thing, but to no avail. o.o
  6. Sock's Art

    Whose bacon is it?
  7. Here! Have an everything!

    Her bangs are awesome in that picture. I like it a lot. Dats some fiinnnee hur. And her ear. I like her ear as well. ... Well, I just like the picture in general.
  8. I like the idea of something permanent, like the stone fireplace, but not an easy ticket out of the wilderness for the night. Something to establish a home base that is shelter like. Perhaps a three-walled shelter. Something that could maybe ease the winter time a bit, or maybe other weather occurrences if implemented, but still leave you exposed to the elements and creatures at night, or whenever. Costing quite a bit of wood and resources to build.
  9. Sock's Art

    Hey! Thanks guys, I appreciate all of the comments so much! Thinking about it, I see it as his "I'm not in Kansas anymore", or shake-your-fist-towards-the-sky-at-whatever-higher-power-there-is moment. When he's stuck in this weird world with all these messed up creatures, and then he's like "Hey. There's an egg." So he goes over, and grabs it. And then this huge ass bird comes out of nowhere wanting to peck his skull in. I agree with the DA suggestions. I just need to buck up and keep on trucking in that aspect. I sometimes like the willpower, and need to get better with my focus on making art. I imagine it would be the same for any other website I tried as well. It's okay! I think it was that the image sizes were too large. Once I scaled them down it worked fine! All on me haha. It's just an overlayed stripes texture! I didn't know it would turn out that nice though, I was really pleased. I've been trying a different shading technique and it just seemed to work out like that. And also, this is what my Wilson is dealing with in-game. And now that he has it, the uncertainty of how this egg hatches is creeping up on him as well. This was much more work then was bargined for. I agree it looks kinda funky. The head to me looks too mature and realistic compared to the more cartoony body. I had thought about cropping it so it only showed her upper body and head but then I decided once I added shading and color to it, it may look better. I also think my faces are too long, which may attribute to the jaw trouble.
  10. Sock's Art

    Alright, so. Typing this again because it didn't submit the first time. Bwaaa. Alright. I think I figured out what's wrong. I just bought the game a couple days ago, and I've been sort of lurking around this community creeping on ya'll. I've been looking for a fitting first post, and I feel like this is the place to put it. I'm at this learning curve in the game where I'm paranoid of everything, knowing that I could die at any moment and anything could kill me. It's pretty entertaining. So I've seen that a bunch of you guys have these little one-eyed birds that follow you around. My Wilson's paternal instincts were calling and he wanted one for himself. I didn't know, however, that the Tallbirds were such good parents. Ol' Daddy Wilson. Also, I haven't unlocked her yet, but Wendy seems pretty cool. I'm not all too impressed with Willow though. But this game does love some good pigtails let me tell you. So here's a sort of older Wendy I suppose. I just wanted to draw her out. I'm really excited for some more female characters in the full game. But yeah. I'm really excited about the direction the game is going in, and this seems like a great community to be in! I've been waiting for a good survival game for many many moons. Also, I wanted to ask your opinion on a good website to post art to. I started a new Deviantart a while back, because my last one was so old, but I lose interest in it so quickly. Is Tumblr a good place? Or should I stick it out with DA until I get back into it, or somewhere else? Just curious.
  11. Sock's Art

    Well, I've had the game for only a couple of days and I still haven't exactly found this key to survival that everyone else has seemed to acquire, right now my longest is 14 days. However, let me tell you, I'm enjoying the hell out of it. I'm at this learning curve point where I realize that everything can kill me. So naturally I'm paranoid of everything. It's pretty entertaining how terrified I am. But I've been looking for a fitting first post for the forums and I felt like this was as good of a place as any. I've been sort of lurking around and creeping on all ya'll. So I'll throw some art at ya. So, my most recent discovery in the game is the Tallbird. I had seen a bunch of pictures of people having these little birds tagging along with them so I decided I was going to raise one of my own. Ol' Daddy Wilson. Not as simple as I had hoped. That bird was a better parent then I had expected. And a little picture I made of Wendy, probably when she's a bit older. Haven't unlocked her yet. He just looks pretty neat. This game loves some good pigtails though apparently. I'm not too keen on Willow. Maybe I'll warm up to her. But yeah. That's all I've got for now! I'm really excited about the direction of this game, and the community that it has. The game makers seem like really cool people, and I've been waiting on a good survival game for many many moons. Also, I wanted to ask you guys your opinions about a good art website to post to. I have a deviantart, but I just lose interest in it quickly. Would investing in a tumblr be a good choice? Or sticking and toughing it out with DA? I don't know. This seems like a fun place! I'm excited to be a part of it!