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  1. Shank 2 linux gamepad

    It looks like I have some learning to do around joysticks with Linux. I gave xboxdrv a shot using the configuration posted by @pholklore. It works perfectly. Thanks everyone!
  2. Shank 2 linux gamepad

    Thanks for the tip about jstest-gtk... never used it. It actually looks like what @pholklore said is exactly my scenario. Right analog and trigger are swapped. I am going to play around and see what I can do. I beat the game with the default config, using start and back for grab and pounce.Does update 3 save configurations after restart?
  3. Shank2 on Linux - Can't move

    This thread has some information regarding this issue as well: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?5444-Shank-2-linux-gamepad The new version is available on the Humble Bundle website now.
  4. Shank 2 linux gamepad

    I was able to set controls by holding down the key and clicking the action as suggested by armahillo. The issue for which this thread was first created is fixed. Shank is not always looking up.With the Xbox 360 controller I am having some trouble with the triggers and right analog stick. Also, the controller settings are still not saved when the game is closed.
  5. Shank 2 linux gamepad

    The new version is up now on my humble bundle page. Downloading now
  6. Shank 2 linux gamepad

    I have a XBOX 360 controller and am unable to do up and down using the left analog stick.I also experience the issue of settings not being preserved after restarting the game.