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    Odd dots on character and objects.

    Steps to reproduce

    Move around and do actions. Look carefully at yourself and the tree you are chopping down. You should see singular pixels of either black or white just randomly flashing across the character, or, say, the tree you are chopping down.

    Describe your issue

    When I turn on the game, it never goes fullscreen, and instead stretches a little below my view. When I click fullscreen, and try to select something, I have to move my cursor below it to select it. Also, when I move or do an action, I might see singular pixels of black or white flying across me or what I'm interacting with (Except for examining) Is this a bug? Or is it meant to do that?

  2. I like the idea of something permanent, like the stone fireplace, but not an easy ticket out of the wilderness for the night. Something to establish a home base that is shelter like. Perhaps a three-walled shelter. Something that could maybe ease the winter time a bit, or maybe other weather occurrences if implemented, but still leave you exposed to the elements and creatures at night, or whenever. Costing quite a bit of wood and resources to build.

    Yeah, a flammable, exposed on one side shelter could be nice. Though it could get problematic with the fact that it's not lit, and willow could set the whole house on fire. Maybe you could craft a lamp, and that would be a required item to build the house, and it would stay lit? The lamp would be a nice, long lasting handheld light, like a better torch.

  3. Think about how much you enjoy the game now. Now think about how much you would enjoy the game if you could play it with your friends. Nice, huh? I think there should be a multiplayer mode where you and friends simply have to be online at the same time, and create a party. Then, when the party creator clicks "ready" they will be put into their own world together. Now, seeing as there could be quite a large amount of players, it should be a bit more difficult. More monsters and less resources (but still a considerable amount as there are more of you to collect stuff), and the hound attacks be more constant with higher chances of flame hounds. Resource points would be shared among the players. But, there is a large advantage. More players to fight, build, and of course, have fun. As well as the fact of the different specialties of each character. So, multiplayer sounds nice doesn't it? Post your thoughts or ideas here!