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  1. Thank you for the info. I'm at day 51/was at day 51 when it happened. I ll put traps in front of my chest and hope for the best next time i spawn him.
  2. Sorry, i didn't want to make a new thread for my question about Krampus. I got him to spawn and when he was next to my chest, i attacked him and missed. He ran away, i followed him and after hitting him one time he vanished. Do i have to go on an adventure and look for him? or is he gonna come back for my chest at some point?Thanks
  3. You already got the logsuit...i was gonna vote for the spear. Your suit ll break fast if you only have a tool (axe, shovel, pick) to attack ennemies. Next step will be the spear...or try to get a tentacle spike if you are close to a swamp.